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  • Our 30 years of combined experience producing video games for consoles and mobile platforms, coupled with the amazing multi-platform engine Opalium, which has been under development for over 8 years, enable Pixilabs Software to offer a reliable, fast and very affordable production solution.

    Stéphane Yilmaz, President & Creative Director

Our areas of expertise



    original games

    Would you like to develop a fun application to promote your brand or product? We will suggest original game concepts and produce the title, based on your licenses and intellectual property.



    your own game

    Do you have a truly new game concept? Are you looking for a reliable partner? Do you have a specific idea for a fun application aimed at promoting your brand or product? We will produce your project and place it on the market as quickly as possible.



    an existing game

    Have you already produced or are in the process of producing a title? Are you looking for a strong production team to develop your intellectual property? We will adapt the concept or bring your existing titles to mobile platforms.



    your graphic production

    Would you like to outsource all or part of the graphic production? We will produce your environments, game elements or characters in 2D or 3D. We are more specifically specialized in designing and creating interfaces and special effects.



    your technical production

    Would you like to develop a specific module or integrate an existing library on your own engine or technology, but you lack the internal resources? We will perform this work as soon as possible.



    and audits

    If you encounter production difficulties, we can provide you with a consultation for any technical development problems or any issue related to the technical or creative direction of your project.

Choosing Pixilabs Software for your productions means:

  • Benefiting from the development team’s 30 years of combined experience.
  • Developing your project based on a powerful and very reliable technology.
  • Being able to release your title on six (shortly seven) major platforms.
  • Getting the latest game features.
  • Taking advantage of the very affordable production costs of a small team.
  • Knowing that your title will comply with high quality standards.
  • Being sure that your title is released in a timely manner.

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