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  • Company foundation and mission

    Pixilabs Software Inc. was founded in 2010 by Stéphane Yilmaz, a veteran of the gaming industry who has been working in the field for 20 years and who has worked on producing over 24 published titles to date, on behalf of several large companies.

    Based in Montréal, the world capital of the digital entertainment industry, Pixilabs Software’s mission is to create, produce and market original titles on consoles and mobile platforms.

  • Marketing our own original titles

    In July 2011, Pixilabs Software launched its first title “Tap-Tap Rockets” in three languages (French, English and Spanish) on various mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android and HP webOS. Tap-Tap Rockets is a shooting game that is based on a brand new concept, in which the player must protect his/her planets from an asteroid shower, using rockets that he/she must launch at the right time during their rotation.

    We are currently working on launching our new title “Meteroids” on several mobile platforms. In fact, “Meteroids” is the sequel to “Tap-Tap Rockets” and offers the same truly unique and captivating game mechanics of the latter, and adds heaps of new elements and features, of which an in-game best player ranking system, as well as very advanced social networking integration.

  • Outside production on behalf of other companies

    Parallel to the marketing of our own titles, we also regularly work on behalf of other companies on all or part of the productions they entrust to us; for example, "CardBoard Castle" (iOS) for White Birds Production, "Babel Rising (iOS)" & "Babel Running (iOS)" for Mando Production, and "Kate Brooks" (iOS & Android) for Meridian 4.

    Our areas of expertise range from graphic or technical production subcontracting, to complete production on consoles or mobile platforms. We can also intervene punctually with a consultation regarding the technical and/or creative direction of a project.

  • Opalium: our powerful multi-platform 2D/3D engine

    Opalium is a multi-platform 2D/3D game engine, the development of which started in 2004, enabling it to become a robust, efficient and productive tool that is available on six platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Wii, HP WebOS, and Samsung Bada. A Windows Phone 8 version is under development.

    To date, the Opalium technology has enabled the publication of 12 titles and 24 versions on all supported platforms. Many elements and modules, which are now essential, have been added to productions over time: micro-transaction engine, particle engine, user behaviour analysis, social network access interface, etc.

The Pixilabs team:

  • Stéphane Yilmaz,
    President & Creative Director

    Stéphane Yilmaz has been working in the digital entertainment industry for 20 years and has worked on producing over 24 published titles to date (most on consoles), on behalf of various companies such as Casterman Edition (Artist), Ubi Soft Interactive (Artist), Microïds France (Artist), Atari Europe (Lead Artist), Datura Studios (Studio Manager and Game Designer), and Mistic Software (Lead Artist in charge of the studio’s artistic direction).

    As Company President, Stéphane is also in charge of co-managing projects and of the artistic and creative direction for all productions.

  • Didier Poulain,
    Technical Director

    Didier has also been working in the digital entertainment industry for 20 years and has worked on producing over 20 published titles to date, on behalf of various companies such as Microïds France (Programmer, Lead Programmer and Development Director), Microïds Canada (Technical Director), A2M (Technical Production Manager), and Nebulaquest (President and Programmer).

    As Technical Director and Programmer, Didier designed and continues to develop the Opalium technology, a powerful multi-platform game engine that has been under development for over 8 years.

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