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Great Meteroids review on webOS Nation!

Many thanks to Derek Kessler from webOS Nation for his great review of Meteroids!

"For most games, if we told you that it only had nine levels, you'd laugh at the $3.99 asking price. Truth is, it's well worth the money. Meteroids requires some pretty serious coordination, timing, attention, and more than a bit of luck."

"There's also the bonus of gloating - Pixilabs Software's website states that Meteroids will be coming to both iOS and Android, but right now it's only available on webOS. Hours upon hours of gameplay and first launch bragging rights? Suddenly that $3.99 for Meteroids doesn't seem so bad."

Meteroids is available for download for all webOS devices on the HP App Catalog, and will be available soon on iOS and Android platforms.

The full article is on the webOS Nation website.

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