Tap-Tap RocketsA truly unique concept!

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    Tap-Tap Rockets: a truly unique concept!

    A gigantic cloud of asteroids is drifting in space and threatening all the planets of the system! Use your rockets to destroy as many asteroids as possible before they collide with the planets.

    Tap-Tap Rockets is a spellbinding game of skill that offers a very original and extremely simple game system, 27 levels of increasing difficulty, as well as various bonuses and special powers that, if obtained, come in very handy. The game starts off very easily and progressively speeds up to pose a true challenge to all players who like breaking records!


Some gamers' feedback

  • "Very fun and surprisingly deep. You'll keep coming back to better your score"

    Melvin H.(webOS)

  • "Jeu très amusant et divertissant. Bien conçu."


  • "Tres bon jeu, super addictif ! A moi la conquete de l'univers !!!"


  • "So addictive! Omg like it!"

    Joseph Mc.C.(iOS)

  • "Fun, very Addictive! Started with the lite version soon to buy this gem. Can't stop playing it!"


  • "Excellent game! Shooting asteroids in outer space is really relaxing!"

    Frederic D.(Android)

  • "Great game for a dollar I see plenty of hours of gameplay challenging for sure enough"

    Marcus M.(webOS)

  • "Very fun time waster. Very addicting. Very worth the price"

    Mark J.(webOS)

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