MeteroidsThe long-awaited sequel to Tap-Tap Rockets!

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    Game summary

    Meteroids: the long-awaited sequel to Tap-Tap Rockets!

    Meteroids is an extremely addictive shooting game, based on a unique concept, in which the player must protect his/her planets from an asteroid shower, using rockets that he/she must launch at the right time during their rotation. Meteroids is the sequel to Tap-Tap Rockets; it has the same truly unique gameplay mechanics in addition to the following:

    • The game is free and there's no advertising!
    • An improved and exceptionally short learning curve
    • Very attractive graphics
    • 12 incredible levels in 4 different worlds (and more to come)
    • 10 super powerful special powers (and more to come)
    • Super asteroids, moving planets, collectable bonuses, etc.
    • In-game best player ranking system
    • Advanced Facebook integration
    • Advanced Gree & Game Center integration


Some gamers' feedback

  • "Awesome game! Addictive and fun."

    George M.(webOS)

  • "Lots of fun, and there is definitely a learning curve. I do enjoy playing it."

    Rob H.(webOS)

  • "Thank you for releasing this fun game on webOS!"

    Marcos B.(webOS)

  • "Good game, and certainly not easy (which is good)."

    David K.(webOS)

  • "Excellent little game."

    Cesar N.(webOS)

  • "Fun game. Well spend money."

    Igor W.(webOS)

  • "As fun as the previous incarnation, love it."

    Peter S.(webOS)

  • "Very well done. Requires some time to ingest (...) Then it is the firecracker!"

    Andreas W.(webOS)

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