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Excellente revue de Meteroids sur webOS Nation !

Un grand merci à Derek Kessler de webOS Nation pour son excellent article sur Meteroids !

"For most games, if we told you that it only had nine levels, you'd laugh at the $3.99 asking price. Truth is, it's well worth the money. Meteroids requires some pretty serious coordination, timing, attention, and more than a bit of luck."

"There's also the bonus of gloating - Pixilabs Software's website states that Meteroids will be coming to both iOS and Android, but right now it's only available on webOS. Hours upon hours of gameplay and first launch bragging rights? Suddenly that $3.99 for Meteroids doesn't seem so bad."

Meteroids est disponible au téléchargement sur l'HP App Catalog pour toutes les machines webOS, et sera très bientôt disponible sur les plateformes iOS et Android.

Vous pouvez lire l'article complet sur le site de webOS Nation.

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